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obssessions : Tom Hiddleston, Emilia Clarke, Hugh dancy, Mads mikkelsen (whole hannibal crew basically)

looking for a personal chef NOT Hannibal



This might be my favourite photo

his shirt looks so comfy tho like can you imagine laying on those hard rock abs and his fluffy shirt and just watch tv omf h

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I mean one minute you’re in 1974 looking for ghosts, but all you have to do is open your eyes and talk to whoever’s standing there. To you I haven’t been born yet. And to you I’ve been dead a hundred billion years. Is my body out there somewhere? In the ground?

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Hannibal Lecter stills - Savoureux

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"You’re a CANnibal not a CAN’Tibal."
- Hannibal Lecter to himself in the mirror probably idk just trust me on this (via willgrahamsfears)
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Y o u may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood runs through both your hearts. You need her as she needs you…

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Sebastian Stan making faces while playing tennis

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Brad Pitt in 1994

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