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obssessions : Tom Hiddleston, Emilia Clarke, Hugh dancy, Mads mikkelsen (whole hannibal crew basically)

looking for a personal chef NOT Hannibal


Crimson Peak; 

Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe, Edith’s husband, a “charming hero with a mysterious past” he is not who he appears to be

hell ya hell ya

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"I don’t know anything about you since you were nine."

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If you fall asleep you’ll never wake up , ( The Fall )

Sufi Whirling : listen to the music, focus on God and spin one’s body in repetitive circles, which is seen as a symbolic imitation of planets in the solar system orbiting the sun.

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Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India (x)

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Sebastian dorkstan + Style

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My friends say I am empathetic to a fault. My mom always taught me how lucky I am. If I have $5 in my pocket, it means I have $5 to give someone else who needs it because at home I have a roof over my head and food inside. […] I am in a unique position with my job that I have a voice, and I have people who listen when I say what I feel about something. I want to appreciate that opportunity and not take it for granted.

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Tom Hiddleston ; Below the line

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do u ever see someone hot and think 'enough with the nice clothes when will you get nekky'


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Sebastian stanosaurs rex being a beautiful idiot during photoshoot

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Tom Hiddleston changes seasons with his sexiness all around town

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#tom hiddleston #crimson peak #hiddlesedit #tom hiddles #idk lol he as by flowers then he was by dead trees #the canadian welcomes you to such diverse season #my stuff #pb